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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  January 29, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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protests continue. despite a curfew. and there's new response now out of the white house. the latest from the president's crisis response teams and the challenge that's now posing the obama administration. that's next right here, keep it on fox. [ rge ] psst. constated? phillips' caplet use gnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally wityour colon than stimulant xatives, for fective reli of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna...
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a man can only try... antry...and try. [ me announcer ] honenut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪ >> five till the hour, time for the top of the news. thousands of members in the egyptian community are protesting outside of the egyptian embassy and we've been showing you around the world. part of the solidarity demonstrations. >> kelly: a homicide bomber killing the deputy governor of kandahar's province. witnesses say the attacker rammed the officials' vehicle with a motorcycle packed with explosives. >> jamie: in egypt president mubarak swearing in a new
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vice-president as protesters continue to call for him to step down and he picked egypt's former spy chief for the position and naming the former aviation minister as the new prime minister. >> kelly: we're getting new information now about a two hour white house meeting on the developing situation in egypt. the obama administration's top officials convening their crisis response team today. james rosen live now in washington with more details, james. >> kelly good afternoon. while president obama and the first lady attended one of the basketball across the executive branch more than a dozen straegized for than two hours. included the vice-president and secretary of state and joint chiefs and national and central intelligence as well as white house officials like chief of staff and national security advisor and even the ambassador to egypt, in cairo and like others participated remotely and the session
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called the principals committee. produced no major changes and obama and administration officials calling for president mubarak for reforms. and they'll appoint the intelligence chief as the vice-president and senior administration officials telling fox news, quote the issue is what is the egyptian government going to do. what are the concrete steps they're going to take to move in the direction of reform and it's going to take time, quote, days at a minimum before we see what can lie behind mubarak's personnel moves and assistant secretary of state pj crowley took to twitter and tweeting i quote, egyptian government can't resufficiently the deck and stand pat. president mubarak's words pledging reform must be followed by action and the people of egypt no longer accept the status quo, crowley said, adding they're looking to their government for meaningful process to foster real reform, unquote. appears the obama white house is willing to give president
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mubarak, whether they reflect a deeper desire, beginning filling deeper reforms and the tone of the tweet from assistant secretary of state suggest growing impatience her in official washington. reporting live from the white house, james rosen, fox news, back to you in new york. >> we certainly understand the situation going on in the white house, thank you. >> and well, it's been some response to the white house since secretary of state hillary clinton had spoken to, how are they doing, how are they handling this test of global leadership, and by potentially transform tiff time in middle east politics. joining us now, christian white. democracy of global affairs and tell us how are we doing? >> well, jamie, we're not doing terribly well. when the crisis first broke, secretary clinton came out and said that egypt was quote, unquote stable and anyone with a television, internet connection, smart phone, radio
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was clearly incorrect and pointless to say that those things got worried and vice-president biden got on-- and problemically president obama himself in the state of the union address said that we support democratic aspirations everywhere and those are just words. we didn't back the democrats in iran. backed the wrong people in honduras, and invited the dictator from china to a state dinner. and don't seem to know what our interests are and how to promote and i think clearly the answer is trying to support the people who cite remarkably want democratic change and we were told it was a change between the islamists and the military dictator and we have something different here. >> would you suggest there or are you suggesting that perhaps if the injustices are
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so great that you're comparing the situation in egypt to china, for example? that we should have gotten involved early on. that maybe president obama should have preemptively done something? >> well, there has been a problem with our aid to hyper corrupt countries like pakistan and egypt, because it does actually fuel anti-americanism and we're seeing propping up of military government. in the past this has been a necessary evil and certainly was during the cold war where the alternative were communists regimes. we supported governments in south korea, taiwan, the philippines knowing those could evolve whereas communist regimes can't involve. islamist reseems have to be replaced, but military ones like egypt can be be pushed and should be pushed, we've given this country more than a billion dollars in military. more that a billion dollars every year for the last three decades and we need to be leaning on them now saying that mubarak era is over, he
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has to go and if they make war on their own people then our aid, our partnership will end. but on the other hand. >> jamie: that hasn't happened, chris, that hasn't happened yet and we give a lot. we've been doing for a long time. similar as you said to pakistan. where does the money go and is the money going currently to egypt, you say it's to the military. how well is it trapped by the united states? >> i would say about three quarters of it approximately goes to the military and provided to the military in what are called economic support funds which are supposed to do economic vment and that's actually something that probably breeds corruption directly because you are empowering the corrupt actors to spend the money and use the money and the military gets the aid, but of course the military isn't just the professional military in egypt, it's also the business of politics and governance and that's where we really need to keep saying that they need to get out of that business and now, now is the right time to do that and if they don't do that, then that's the end of our partnership. >> can we rectify the
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situation? you're not optimistic currently, but could you be and what would it take? >> well, the administration seems to be of few minds. secretary of clinton says it's unfortunate things, but also positive things and there is some sentiment that we want to support democracy and i'd like to think we're getting far enough away from the situation where democrats in particular seem to completely alienate themselves with the nation that we should support democracy, so there are people thinking the right way in the u.s. government and yes, the president could pick up the phone and call mubarak and say it's time for him to go, he should follow his family to london and we have the channels with the egyptian military and there's nothing in the president's track record so far that suggests he will, unfortunately. >> you talked about leaving, mubarak leaving and the report that his two sons may have already done that. do you think that his life is in danger?
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would he go? >> well, it's hard to say. it's really hard to know how things are progressing, and certainly, who knows more about status than mubarak himself and including his son, jamal, viewed as his most likely successor, the way that that regime would stay in power with mubarak and the theory was going to run again in a sham election and then anoint his son and fact that jamal is gone is an indicateser that mubarak definitely did not have confidence in his own future, but naming a chief crony, his top spy as his vice-president certainly indicates he's not throwing in the towel the staple way that tunisia's leader did more recently. so, he very hard to say, of course, you always hope that the democratic does not become violent because that gives the dictator an excuse to crack down. so, hopefully it doesn't go in that direction, hopefully it's a peaceful transition away.
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a lot of things can happen and it's certainly not a certain path, but there's more hope than at any time i would say for the middle east in recent years if not decades. >> interesting because it could spill over for sure, right? >> it could, it's not quite a 1989 berlin wall scenario because we had waged political and economic warfare on those regimes for decades and we knew where our friends were, and had not gotten at that far in the middle east, but hope springs eternal and positive developments. >> thanks so much. always good to have you on. >> thanks, jamie, great to be here. >> kelly. >> here is more background on egyptian president mubarak now at the center of the political upheaval and mubarak has been promising freedom and democracy in egypt and succeeded anwar sadat, following october 14th. 1981. mubarak promised to serve only one term then, but has now been in office for 30 years.
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mubarak, often times, captures over 90% of the vote with little or no opposition and today, named a vice-president for the first time, thinking egypt's intelligence chief. >> jamie: there are now concerns about 50,000 americans in egypt right now. according to a top u.s. defense official there are currently no requests from the embassy in egypt for evacuations or assistance. we're told that the egyptian army is protecting the u.s. embassy there. at an early morning briefing admiral mullen says it's an issue for the government and the u.s. is clearly watching the developments there. >> egyptian commandos now securing the cairo museum in an attempt to protect the priceless ancient artifacts, a sign from looters, some dating back some 5,000 years, but arrived too late to save everything. mutilation looters ripping the heads off the mummies and clearing out the museum gift shops. the museum's prize king tut
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exhibit which includes the gold death mask is reportedly safe. >> jamie: the u.s. is demanding the return of an american diplomate arrested in pakistan. the official held on charges of murdering two pakistani men. the protesters hanging and beating the american flag or this demonstration of the american. the u.s. embassy claiming the official acted in self-defense shooting and killing two armed men as they approached his car intending ebldz to rob him and the u.s. insisting the diplomate qualifies for immunity from prosecution and was illegally detained. >> kelly: secretary of state hillary clinton now preparing for a trip to haiti and while there she will discuss haiti's disputed election, the cholera epidemic and the reconstruction, clinton's first visit to haiti since january of last year, days after a massive earthquake killed hundreds of thousands
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of people and over a million homeless. >> jamie: mixed news on the health of the u.s. economy. growth of u.s. gross domestic product picking up, but came on the heels of a disappointing jobs report. what it all means for millions of americans that are struggling right now. we're going to sort it all out when the financial expert tells us next. ;7
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>> they say it's the most significant indicator of the u.s. economic recovery and came out this week, growing at an annual rate of 3.2% in the fourth quarter. and not as much as expected. what does that mean for millions of americans who are out of work and looking for jobs. michael see more, president of private wealth strategies that's what we'd like a little private wealth, michael. what about the folks looking for jobs, does this gdp number
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mean good news for many of the people? >> i think it does, it means better news, jamie. it means better news. annualized 3.2% increase is higher than the previous annualized. so it's moving in the right direction and positive progress is obviously the key. where it has not really translated into more jobs is if you compare where we are in the recovery period, to the previous three economic cycles, we're really, really trailing these three cycles. so, it's like me saying to you, jamie, hey, i just lost five pounds. you might say that's terrific, mike, until i tell you i gained 20 and if i told you the last time i gained 20 pounds, i lost 15 in the next three times, losing five pounds now doesn't seem so great. that's the problem with 3.2%
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increase, normally in this phase of the economic he recovery cycle, we would be much, much further along. >> jamie: okay, if you're not an economist and you're not a money manager, you hear the folks talk about it and some people say it is good news, some say it's not. why the mixed messages when it comes to these? what do we make of all that? >> well, you know the mixed message is is, i think it's anybody wants to hear some good news, jamie, let's face it, so, the people that have jobs, that are employees, maybe in government, i'm not saying it's all spin because this is real data, but what you've got here is it is a better number, it's, you know, the economy looks like it's stabilizing, but for the millions, and millions of americans that are still out of work, underemployed, unemployed, the data is not translating into jobs. and i would say to everybody, you know, like i used before,
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the patient's been stabilized, but we're a long, long way from being released from the hospital. >> all right, then we better hang on and not give up and i sense a little bit of optimism so we'll leave it at that. thank you so much, michael seymour, great to talk to you today. >> thank you, thank you jamie. >> kelly: the protesters in egypt having a profound effect on the nation and potentially the region as a whole, but a dramatically altered egypt could mean for neighbors straight ahead. >> never seen anything like it before. i kind of, i walked out into the crowds and kind of saw what was going on, there was a lot of, i don't know, tear gas, it was the first time i've ever smelled tear gas, that was interesting, but it was definitely unlike anything i've ever seen before. can i eat heart healthy without givg up taste?
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>> a fox news alert. we've been telling you about demonstrations all across the united states and solidarity with those going on in egypt. well, here is chicago. folks there gathering for a few hours at least outside the consulate general of egypt. we've been seeing demonstrations in atlanta, in portland, in new york, here at the united nations. all of these folks there speaking out. wanting their voices heard, just like those in cairo,
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defying a curfew going on right now, they're out on the streets, to call for a change of regimes and they're doing it right here on our soil, too. chicago, illinois, live pictures. pictures. >> the chaos in egypt, a potential turning point in middle east, israel watching the ally pushed to the brink and taking stock of the streak landscape. the largest arab neighbor and first sign of the peace treaty with it if the egyptian government is overthrown. israel would stand almost alone in the region as it is forced to finding friends. our next guest has a lot of good knowledge about it. ambassador start ed walker, former ambassador to israel, egypt and the united arab emirates. thank you for joining us, mr. ambassador.
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tell us if you will. egypt would be left with no friends. >> you have jordan and israel and pretty big friend in the united states. and it's a huge blow. under any circumstances, whatever happens there's going to be some cooling of relationships. crowds don't like israel and they have a say and the governments pay attention which they have to then there's going to be some distancing between israel and egypt, but it doesn't necessarily have to last that long. >> kelly: when you consider the fact that israel's relationship with countries like turkey and of course, egypt was, has been israel's biggest ally there and you mentioned jordan. jordan has been a strong ally to israel as well. what about places like syria. how would that come to light. >> syria comes into play in a totally different concept and
2:55 pm
it comes into play in the context of the border between israel and syria and in the context of lebanon and that's really a whole different situation, what's going on in egypt. in lebanon you've got some serious problems and with the possible indictments of members of hezbollah, syria is put on the edge and syria has been watching for its own stability, and tunisia and yemen, but it is a different problem and it is not, not like the-- >> having worked in the area as a former ambassador to israel, egypt and the united arab emirates, what do you think might be the dialog if any between israel and egypt in the coming days? >> in the coming days they want to make sure the border is quiet and indeed they have
2:56 pm
cooperation on the border with gaza. they're going to want to make sure that all the lines are kept open particularly with the military. and they've got somebody now as the vice-president in egypt who has been very close to them in trms of working on the peace process versus working on the palestinian problem. and sulieman has handled those negotiations almost exclusively for egypt. so they've still got friends around, it all depends on what happens. frankly, i don't see this crisis going on for very long before mubarak tries to leave. >> kelly: a lot of people want to see this crisis end peacefully and go on with the fact that israel can get along with its neighbors there in the middle east. i wanted to ask you, we spoke earlier with former u.n. ambassador john bolten who said that the u.n. can do absolutely zero about the situation there. what do you say about that?
2:57 pm
>> well, i happen to agree with john. i happen to agree with him that the u.n. can't do anything about the situation. this is something where the united states has an irresponsibility and a key interest and i think the united nations has to step up for democracy and for the people of egypt. >> kelly: ambassador ned walker, we thank you for your insight. that will do it for us today. i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. not only from dpipt, but around the world. lots of news today, folks. thanks for being with us. have a great day! . captioned by closed captioning services, inc. missing something? now you get a cleanser with scope freshness.
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